We are Cafe 89 at Lb1 in Three Bridges.

We are a new cafe concept offering breakfast and food with our kitchen being run by Kim from Crawley’s famous ‘Kim’s Kitchen’. The delicious food is served throughout the day along with coffees, teas and a selections of snacks.

There is a separate FREE soft play area for the kids providing them with a safe and fun area to let off some steam.

Our bar area is also open serving a range of your favourite wines, beers, spirits and more.

Cafe 89 was an idea and has been created to provide a lovely, friendly cafe for people to come to with a great added bonus of a FREE soft play to keep the kids occupied. Being a parent myself, I know this is something that I look for when going out whether it is just me on my own or if I’m meeting friends for a bite to eat, coffee and catch up. I also look for Kim’s delicious food as well.

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Cafe 89

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We are located in Lb1 at the shopping parade on Gales Drive Three Bridges. We are walking distance to Three Bridges Train Station and Crawley Town Centre.


We have a large car park at the rear providing ample free parking.

Soft Play

We have a FREE soft play for all our patrons. The maximum age limit is up to six years old.

Socks must be worn by all children and adults that enter the soft play.

Please take time to read our safety policy & rules below:

While Cafe 89 staff and management endeavour to ensure the safety of all visitors, it remains the responsibility of accompanying adults & guardians to supervise the children in their care while visiting the facility. All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult and remain the responsibility of said adult at all times. Parents/Guardians should note that whilst every consideration has been given for the safety of children using the soft play, Café 89 cannot be held responsible for accidents which occur as a result of children playing on the equipment!

Parents and guardians must:

– Remain on the premises at all times.

– Monitor their child to ensure that he/she is capable of using the equipment safely, to adhere and understand all safety signs.

– Know where their child is and ensure that the child is able to locate them at all times.

Parents and guardians only know their child’s capabilities and behaviour best and should ensure an appropriate level of supervision to reflect this.

Although Café 89 strives to maintain a safe environment, accidents can still occur so please immediately report to a member of staff any incidents. Although Café 89 is under NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to provide first aiders, in the event first aid is needed, only basic first aid will be applied, an ambulance may be called or you will be directed to the hospital or walk in centre.

Anyone displaying signs of injury or illness will not be permitted onto the play frame.

Members of staff will not tolerate abusive behaviour or violence from any member of the public (adult, teenager or child). You may be removed from the premises without a refund, banned from returning and/or the police will be called.

Food & Drink

If you have any allergies or intolerances then please let us know